I would suggest asking your dentist the proper way because it’s a little weird and difficult to explain. You should start by taking a good long piece of floss and wrapping it around your middle fingers. This is so that you can use your index fingers to guide the floss between your teeth.
So you put the floss between two of your teeth, and there’s where it gets tricky. Most people think it’s just to get the stuff in between your teeth out, but there are actually small pockets between your teeth and your gums that you’re suppose to floss. If you do it right, you will actually see the piece of floss disappear into the pockets.


It is called a disposable for a reason. Like the person said once it’s been used you have bacteria on it and it can not be used again.

Why on earth would you want to reuse the same piece?

You didn’t say you can’t afford floss so go to your dentist or any dental office and ask for some floss and they should gladly give you some to last a little while.

A:Anyway he told me to use Crest Glide Floss as it does not break or shred. He used it to remove my stuck dental floss as it is strong and did not break it worked. Pop to your local shop, chemist and buy Crest Glide and try and use that to remove your stuck floss. If that does not help you will have to go and see your dentist I am afraid. Hopefully using the Crest Glide Floss will remove the stuck floss for you. What he done was tie a gum threader to the end of the floss and threaded through the gum at the bottom of the tooth so the floss was then between the teeth at the bottom. He then pulled the floss upwards out of the tooth which removed the stuck floss. He tried other things too first. It did not hurt or anything.

A:yeah floss is the best way to get the plaque to breakup. the reason brushing doesn’t work as effectively is because the bristles of the brush cant get past where the teeth come together. so when you get floss into space between the teeth the plaque breaks up. when you don’t floss, bacteria builds up and gets into the space where it can multiply the most and when you don’t floss it stays like that, but when there is something disrupting the bacteria, then it doesn’t multiply as fast as it will without doing it. so you cant stop the plaque from getting on your teeth, but if you floss it will certainly decrease the amount. if you cant get with just regular floss on your bottom teeth your can try those soft-pick floss things from any store, they have a little handle and already have floss on it, that works good.