why flossing

Dear friends, do you have this problem?


In daily life, many times we only focus on cleaning the tooth surface but overlook
clean between the teeth, in the narrow gap of teeth every day pile up tartar which
is difficult to clean, after long time your teeth are easy to corrode, so we should
pay attention to cleaning between your teeth.

It is not enough only brush your teeth!

The correct use of toothbrush, only can clean part of tooth surface

Maybe will continue to cause the problems as follows


Dental floss expert to tell you:

what is the difference between the dental floss and toothpicks?


A.Soft thin floss, avoid increases yourTeeth gap

B.Even if used improperly, it will notHurt the gums

C.Reach deep teeth gap, completelyTo clean

D.Environmental standards of production,Without any harmful substances

E.Not affected by weather, can longTime to store

F.From children to elderly peopleCan used

A. Increases teeth gap, increases foodImpaction

B. Easy to hurt the gums and lead togingival atrophy

C. Couldn’t reach the deep teeth gap,cleaning effect is bad

D. Production process is not standard,
wood material remains a lot of bacteria

E. Affected by the rainy weather, toothpickis easy to cause mould and spot,is not easy to store

F. Adults, under special circumstancesto use after meal

How to choose good quality dental floss picks

clean food residue, care for teeth, prevent increases teeth gap

Who need to use flossers??



2-10 years old children who have tooth decayand want to prevent it, JINTONG dental floss is humanization design, contains fruit flavor and fluorine coating, easy to use, good taste, funning floss, children will like.


High-end business people

20-45 years old, the crowd in first-tier cities who pay attention to oral hygiene and high quality life People


People with periodontal disease

Dental floss can help people effectively clean the teeth gap, and massage gums to promote periodontal health, reduce gingival recession.


People Who Are Using Toothpicks

2Dental floss is more elegant and more safety than toothpicks, clean effect is more outstanding, using floss will avoid increases your teeth gap, without sequelae.

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